Amp Energy

Official Amp Energy label art.

Flavor: Citrus
Color: Yellow Green      
Current Status: Permanent Flavor
Locations Available: United States


Year(s) Available: 2001 - Present
Related Flavors: Sport, Dew Fuel, MDX,Energy, Energised,Adrenaline, Game Fuel (Lemonade), Mountain Dew,Kickstart, Distortion
Related Promotions: N/A



Similar to the Mountain Dew line, AMP has had a rather wide range of flavors, including the Original flavor, a sugar-free version of original, Cherry (cherry-flavored), Strawberry Limeade, Passion fruit, Watermelon Zero, Blueberry White Grape Zero, Active Orange (orange-flavored), Focus Mixed berry (mixed berry-flavored), Boost Grape (grape-flavored), Green Tea (discontinued), Active Lemonade (lemonade-flavored), and a sugar-free version of Active Lemonade. There was also a limited edition variant called Tradin' Paint (Orange/Lime/Berry). Orange and Mixed Berry-flavored juices have also been released under the AMP name, as well as an Energy gum.

Note: All are discontinued except Cherry, Strawberry Limeade, Passion fruit, Watermelon Zero, Blueberry White Grape Zero, Boosted: Wild Berry Cherry, Boosted: Mandarin Orange, and Original.


These are the numerous flavor variants in the AMP Energy line (note that their previous names are stated in the brackets below).

  • Cherry (formerly Overdrive): Game Fuel (Citrus Cherry) with a little less flavoring
  • Original: Lemon-Lime citrus flavor
  • Strawberry Limeade
  • Passionfruit
  • Blueberry White Grape Zero
  • Watermelon Zero
  • Boosted: Wild Berry Cherry (with Vitamin C)
  • Boosted: Mandarin Orange
  • Tropical Punch
  • Active Orange (Relaunch): LiveWire with a little less orange flavor (discontinued)
  • Focus Mixed Berry (Elevate): Voltage with a little less berry flavor (discontinued)
  • Boost Grape (Traction): Pitch Black with less grape flavor (discontinued)
  • Black Tea: Black Tea (discontinued)
  • Green Tea: Green Tea (discontinued)
  • Active Lemonade (Lightning): Game Fuel (Lemonade) with a little less flavoring (discontinued)
  • Active Lemonade Sugar Free (Lightning Sugar Free): Diet Lemonade (discontinued)
  • Boost Original Sugar Free: Diet Mountain Dew with a little less citrus taste (discontinued)
  • Tradin' Paint: Orange, Lime, Berry (discontinued)
  • Gold Apple: Apple, similar to Apple Mountain Dew (discontinued)
  • Dale Jr. Sour: Sour Grape (discontinued)


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