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Baja Blast
Baja Blast Label Art 2011
The official Baja Blast label art.
Flavor: Tropical Lime
Color: Blue-Green      
Current Status: Permanent Flavor
Locations Available: U.S. Taco Bell restaurants
Year(s) Available: 2004 - Present (Taco Bell)

2014 (Bottles/Cans)

Related Flavors: Game Fuel (Tropical), Distortion, Sangrita Blast
Related Promotions: N/A

Baja Blast is a Mountain Dew flavor. Its tagline is "A tropical lime storm".


Baja Blast was originally released exclusively to Taco Bell restaurants in 2004, having been chemically formulated to taste best with their food.

Baja Blast Freeze

Beginning in August 2012, select Taco Bell locations began offering "Baja Blast Freeze", an icy variant of Baja Blast similar to the restaurant's pre-existing Frutista Freeze line. After this test-release, the Baja Blast Freeze was added to the menu permanently beginning January 31, 2013.

Diet Baja Blast

In January 2014, Taco Bell added a diet variation to Baja Blast to its menu alongside the new Sangrita Blast.

In-Stores Release

In early 2014, information began leaking through via the internet about a limited store-shelves release of Baja Blast later that year. In March 2014, images began to surface of Baja Blast's bottle form. Though no official information has been released by PepsiCo. at this time, the images all-but-confirm these rumors.


Baja Blast is a tropical lime flavored soda, and is blue-green in color.


  • Until the revelation of Baja Blast's official in-stores release in 2014, many had speculated on the internet whether such a release would take place, and many images of fake bottles had circulated.


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