Baja Blast
Baja Blast Label Art 2011
The official Baja Blast label art.
Flavor: Tropical Lime
Color: Aquamarine      
Current Status: Permanent Flavor (Taco Bell Restaurants in the United States and Canada)
Discontinued (Various sizes of bottles, and cans in Summer 2018)
Upcoming (Baja Blast Zero)
Locations Available: Taco Bell restaurants in the United States and Canada
Year(s) Available: 2004 - Present (Taco Bell restaurants in the United States)

2018 - Present (Taco Bell restaurants in Canada)

2012 - Present (Taco Bell as a Freeze)

2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 (Various sizes of bottles, and cans)

2013 - 2015 (Diet form), 2019 (Diet form known as Baja Blast Zero).

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Baja Blast is a Mountain Dew flavor variant. It's standard Taco Bell tagline in the United States is "A tropical lime storm" while its store release tagline was "DEW with a blast of Natural and Artificial tropical lime flavor."


Baja Blast was released exclusively to Taco Bell restaurants in 2004, having been chemically formulated to taste best with their food.

Baja Blast Freeze

Beginning in August 2012, select Taco Bell locations began offering "Baja Blast Freeze", an icy variant of Baja Blast with similar physical properties as the restaurant's pre-existing Frutista Freeze product line. After this test release, Baja Blast Freeze was added to the menu permanently in all locations beginning on January 31, 2013.

Diet Baja Blast

In December 2013, Taco Bell added a diet variant of Baja Blast to its menu alongside the new Sangrita Blast. It was replaced by Kickstart (Orange Citrus) in 2015. It will be returning in 2019, replacing Spiked (Lemonade), with the new name, Baja Blast Zero.

Market Release

In early 2014, information was leaked on the Internet of a limited time store release of Baja Blast later that year. In March 2014, images began to surface of Baja Blast's bottle form. The store release of Baja Blast was first confirmed here. It has been posted about on the official Mountain Dew Facebook page many times. Baja Blast was released in stores on May 5th and remained available for the whole summer.

Mountain Dew re-released Baja Blast for Summer 2015. It was in stores beginning April 20, 2015, alongside Sangrita Blast. It was produced in bottles for an extended period of time after its discontinue in cans.

Main article: DEWcision 2016

The flavor was released again in 2016 for the DEWcision 2016 promotion alongside Pitch Black. This promotion involved a voting poll for fans to vote on their favorite of the two flavors via Twitter hashtags and challenges issued by Mountain Dew (such as dying hair the color of the flavor they wanted to win). The winner of the promotion would be made permanent on store shelves. However, Baja Blast lost to Pitch Black by a small margin and was yet again discontinued in bottles and cans.

On September 1st, 2017, Mountain Dew gave people the chance to have the flavor return in Summer 2018 if there was enough demand in the form of tweets with #BringBajaBlastBack on Twitter.

The demand was enough to bring back Baja Blast for a limited time in bottles and cans on April 23, 2018. Similar to previous Summer releases, there had been early reports of Baja Blast before the set release date, such as YouTuber Avery Heaney TV, who found Mountain Dew Baja Blast on April 20th, 2018. The earliest report of Baja Blast was released on April 14th, 2018 in some locations in bottles.

On July 30th, 2018, PepsiCo announced that they would be bringing back Baja Blast once again on store shelves.

On approximately in August 2018, Baja Blast made its final release to store shelves in some parts of the United States in the Summer of 2018. It lasted around from August 2018, and until September 2018 where Baja Blast was later discontinued. However, it was reported that some stores still carry Baja Blast in high stock in 12-packs, bottles, and some other sizes as of today. Although, some other stores may not have it anymore.


On April 27th, 2018, Taco Bell Canada announced that Baja Blast would become available at Canadian Taco Bell locations. This was the first time that Baja Blast would be released in a country outside of the United States. It was not yet known if the product will be available in bottles and cans.


Mountain Dew Baja Blast is a tropical lime flavored soda, and is Aquamarine in color.


  • Until Baja Blast's official market release in 2014, many had speculated on the internet whether such a release would ever take place, and many images of fake bottles had circulated.
  • The freeze version of it is the only Mountain Dew freeze available exclusively at Taco Bell.


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