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Because the Mountain Dew Wiki is a constant work-in-progress and because it is community-driven, you may sometimes come across articles that are unfinished, outdated, incorrect, and/or generally in need of repair. Pages such as these are in need of Cleanup, a term used widely among Wikis.

Determine if a Page Needs Cleanup

An article can need maintenance for a number of reasons:

  • Confusing - If the wording of an article does not make sense or does not reflect the right tense (For example, a page on a Discontinued Flavor should be in past tense, as it is no longer available).
  • Inaccurate - If the page generally states unrelated, outdated, and/or generally inaccurate information.
  • Opinionated - If the information in the article is biased or reflects the writer's opinion.
  • Vandalism - If the page has noticeable vandalism. We take vandalism very seriously on this wiki, so do the admin a favor and send him a message reporting the vandalism so the user who caused it can be punished.

Finding Pages Needing Cleanup

If you have found a page that is badly in need of cleanup, there are four options you can take that will greatly help get the page cleaned-up, or fixed:

  1. Repair the Page - We greatly encourage you to repair the page to the absolute best of your abilities, whether it be small fixes or large.
  2. Add the Page to the Cleanup Category - By simply clicking the "Add Category" button at the bottom of the page needing cleanup, you can type in the word "Cleanup" and press enter. This adds the page to the Cleanup Category, and helps bring those pages to the attention of those willing to fix them.
  3. Add the Cleanup Template Banner to the Page - By simply clicking the "Edit" button at the top of the page and typing "{{Cleanup}}" above all other text on the page, you can add the Cleanup banner to the page, which will alert readers that the page is in need of repair.
  4. Do Nothing - Although it would greatly help our Wiki for you to take the above steps, you can always chose to leave the page as it is, though that option is only to be chosen if you want our Wiki to be incomplete or you're entirely lazy.