Cold Fusion Freeze
Cold Fusion Freeze Label Art
Prototype Cold Fusion Freeze label art.
Flavor: Cherry Lime
Color: Red-Orange      
Current Status: Discontinued Freeze/Slurpee Flavor
Locations Available: Select U.S. Convenience Stores
Year(s) Available: 2013 - 2016
Related Flavors: Code Red, Game Fuel (Citrus Cherry), Distortion Freeze, Golden LimeBaja Blast Freeze, Kickstart (Black Cherry) Freeze, Kickstart (Limeade), Cherry Fusion, Electric Charge Freeze, Holiday Brew, Cherry, Lime, Thin Ice Freeze, Blue Shock
Related Promotions: N/A

Cold Fusion Freeze is a Mountain Dew Freeze Flavor. After Dew Labs members chose the label art for it, it was later released to Sheetz and other U.S. convenience stores. Its tagline is "DEW charged with Cherry Lime flavor." Proof of its discontinuation can be found here. Note that they name Cold Fusion as "Mtn Dew Fusion Freeze."


Mountain Dew Cold Fusion Freeze is a cherry-lime flavored slurpee, and is red-orange in color. Its taste is described as being very similar to that of Game Fuel (Citrus Cherry).


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