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Dark Berry
Logo MtnDew DarkBerry
The official Dark Berry logo.
Flavor: Mixed Berry
Color: Midnight Blue      
Current Status:

United States, Denmark & Iceland: Discontinued
Romania: Permanent

Locations Available: United States
Year(s) Available: United States, Denmark & Iceland: 2012
Romania: 2012 - Present
Related Flavors: Diet Ultra Violet, Voltage, Revolution, Supernova, Game Fuel (Wild Fruit), Blue Shock Freeze, Thin Ice Freeze, Arctic Burst
Related Promotions: DewGothamCity

Dark Berry was a Mountain Dew flavor released as a part of The Dark Knight Rises Partnership.


On March 25th 2012, an image of a possible new flavor 12-pack box appeared on the  image sharing app Instagram. After much speculation, Mountain Dew confirmed on May 14 that Dark Berry would be released in late-June and would be a part of their partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures' and Legendary Pictures' upcoming film The Dark Knight Rises.

Dark Berry began showing up in stores in mid-June, and promoted the then-upcoming film, The Dark Knight Rises, as well as codes that give fans access to exclusive film content through It was also released in Denmark and Iceland for the same promo. Dark Berry was later released in Romania in 2012, where it is now a permanent addition to their lineup.


Mountain Dew Dark Berry was a mixed-berry flavored soda, and was midnight blue in color, much more darker than that of both Voltage and Revolution.


  • Even though the US logo uses the Mtn Dew art with blue font for Dark Berry, The Romainian logo uses the 2005 logo art and pink font for Dark Berry


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