Dew Nation Rewards was a promotion coinciding with all of the current Mountain Dew flavors, with the re-released limited edition Baja Blast returned to stores in Summer 2018, and the other new limited edition flavor Merry Mash-Up (A flavor that replaced Holiday Brew) being released in November of 2018. However, on January 2nd, 2019, Dew Nation Rewards are planning to make a return from Mid March to early June for 2019, with Baja Blast Zero Sugar according to its design and a new limited edition flavor for 2019 called Liberty Brew.


Dew Nation Rewards was first seen in all of the Mountain Dew flavors of its packaging as far back of April 2018. In Mid-September 2018, the Dew Nation Awards label design was removed. But it was still seen in some bottles in the stores but only in 12-packs, and bottle designs.

How It Works

It allowed people to Purchase participating MTN DEW® products and save your receipt for prizes, and then Submit photos of your receipts showing participating DEW® products and watch the points add up. Eligible purchase receipt must have the store name, time and date of purchase and show a participating MTN DEW® product, and then Browse the DEW® Rewards Store and trade in your points to earn awesome DEW® rewards.

The Prizes

The Dew Nation Rewards contained clothing, electronics, and more.