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Dry Ginger
Dry Ginger 350ml can design.
Flavor: Ginger
Color: Light Brown/Yellow
Current Status: Discontinued International Flavor
Locations Available: Japan
Year(s) Available: 1990
Related Flavors: Mountain Dew Red, Mountain Dew Sport, Golden Lime, Aurora, Max Air, Grape, Lemonade with Ginger
Related Promotions: N/A

Dry Ginger was a Mountain Dew flavor variant. Similar to Grape, Golden Lime, and Max Air, it was exclusively available in Japan. It tasted like ginger ale mixed with Mountain Dew.


Dry Ginger was a flavor that was only released in Japan during the turn of the decade. It was notable for featuring a metal can instead an aluminum one, as well as featuring the 1991 logo, predating the United States obtaining the logo.

Very little information on this flavor is known today due to its scarcity and general unavailability. It is unknown what the flavor would have tasted like or what color it would have bore.


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