Beginning in the early 2000's, following the success of Code Red, Live Wire, and other flavor variants, along with the rise of photo sharing through websites, many fan-made Mountain Dew flavors began spreading widely. This page covers the most well-known fake and/or rumored flavors.



The fake bottle design for "Electrocution."

Obviously playing off on Live Wire's name, rumors of this grape flavor began spreading across beverage-themed forums and boards online in 2003. It was said to have a scheduled release in 2004, but was pushed back to Easter 2005 to give room for Pitch Black's first release. Once Easter came and went without an Electrocution release, however, a "press release" about it surfaced, claiming that it would surely see an Easter 2006 release. It soon became apparent that the flavor and everything in relation to it had been fabricated by a blogger in an attempt to gain more traffic.

Bottled Baja Blast

Fake Baja Blast

Fake Baja Blast bottle design.

Before Electrocution was discovered to be a hoax, however, rumors of the Taco Bell-exclusive flavor Baja Blast getting a release to stores also began spreading, accompanied by an image of a bottle of the tropical-lime beverage. It was eventually discovered that the same blogger behind Electrocution was also behind these rumors. In 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2018. The drink officially got a limited time store release.

Mountain Dew Clash

Clash Label Art

The official label art for Clash that was trademarked by PepsiCo.

Fake Clash Botle

One of the low-res images posted to BevNet. This bottle is most likely fan-made.

In February 2007, PepsiCo filed for a trademark on a possible design for an upcoming drink - "Mountain Dew Clash." Rumors of this possible drink first appeared when a member of the beverage-themed forums BevNet claimed to have received two test bottles of Clash from a product test panel. Included with his posts were a few very low-

resolution images of the bottles, which used the same logo and packaging design as the trademarked one. However, Mountain Dew Clash was never released, and no other images of it ever surfaced, and the trademark was abandoned in November 2008.

Fake Spring Bloom Bottle Design

The fake Spring Bloom bottle design posted for April Fool's Day.

It is generally accepted that Mountain Dew Clash was a planned beverage whose plans were abandoned to make room for the other huge Mountain Dew promotions in 2007 (Game Fuel, DEWmocracy), and that the test bottles in the images posted were homemade.

Mountain Dew Spring Bloom

In accordance with April Fool's Day in 2012, a fake bottle design was posted by the Mountain Dew Facebook page, with this caption: "Introducing our newest flavor: Spring Bloom! It's DEW with a blast of lilac -- available near you for just 8 weeks."

Mountain Dew CinnaBlast

On May 31st 2013, satirical newspaper The Onion had made an article about a new flavor of Mountain Dew that was tainted by a malicious focus group, called Mountain Dew CinnaBlast. If you look closely at the CinnaBlast bottle it's a recolored Code Red bottle with a different logo.

Cinnamon Mountain Dew Is The Next Big Thing

Cinnamon Mountain Dew Is The Next Big Thing

Video Article About CinnaBlast.


Logo and Bottle for CinnaBlast