Goji Citrus Strawberry
Mountain Dew Goji Citrus Strawberry exclusively at Jacksons
The prototype Goji Citrus Strawberry logo.
Flavor: Goji, Citrus, and Strawberry
Color: Pink-Violet      
Current Status: Permanent Flavor
Locations Available: Certain United States Regions (Convenience stores and Restaurants)
Year(s) Available: United States: 2017 - present (Convenience Stores and Restaurants in Fountain)
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Similar Flavors: Aurora, Kickstart (Strawberry Kiwi), Supernova, Strawberry
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Goji Citrus Strawberry is a Mountain Dew flavor being available at select convenience stores.


As its name suggests, Goji Citrus Strawberry is a combination of goji, citrus, and strawberry flavors and it is red-violet in color, similar to that of Aurora.