Kickstart (Blood Orange)
Dew Kick BlOrg 12
Blood Orange Kickstart can design.
Flavor: Orange
Color: Red-Orange      
Current Status: Current Flavors
Locations Available: United States
Year(s) Available: 2016-present

Related Flavors:

Kickstart (Midnight Grape), Kickstart (Blueberry Pomegranate), Kickstart (Watermelon), Game Fuel (Citrus Cherry), Live Wire, Kickstart (Orange Citrus), Orange
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Kickstart (Blood Orange) is a flavor of Mountain Dew Kickstart that came out in early 2016. It contains vitamins C and E.


Kickstart (Blood Orange) is an orange flavored soda, and is red-orange in color. Derived from a popular drink in France known by "Faygo" many Mountain Dew connoisseurs consider this to be the "Brain dead child of Mountain dew". Recieving mixed opinions at launch, Mountain Dew quickly responded to the less that average opinions about this drink by offering double xp on Call of Duty remastered. Fans still were unimpressed by this compensation to the lack of effort put into this drink. Popular company Hi-Rez Studios will be trying to revive this drink in the near future by making a cosmetic skin for a specific character in the game sporting a Mountain dew can on a string as a weapon.


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