Kickstart (Fruit Punch)
Kickstart Fruit Punch Can
Fruit Punch Kickstart can design.
Flavor: Fruit Punch
Color: Red-Violet      
Current Status:

Current Flavor

Discontinued (Slurpee)

Locations Available: United States
Year(s) Available:

U.S: 2013 - Present

2014 (7-Eleven in Slurpee form)
Canada:2015 - Present

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Kickstart (Fruit Punch) is a Mountain Dew flavor variant. In contrast to the later released nighttime-themed Kickstart Black Cherry and Kickstarter Limeade flavors, this and Kickstart Orange Citrus were released together as breakfast-themed drinks.

Kickstart Fruit Punch Freeze

Beginning in September 2014, participating 7-Eleven locations began offering "Mountain Dew Kickstart Fruit Punch Freeze", an icy variant of Kickstart (Fruit Punch). It was a limited time offer, being discontinued later that year.

Canadian release

Kickstart (Fruit Punch) and Kickstart (Orange Citrus) were released in Canada.


Kickstart (Fruit Punch) is a fruit punch-flavored soda, and is Red-Violet in color. It will give you the kick that you need!



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