Mountain Dew Citrus Blast
Promotional poster for Energy.
Flavor: Citrus
Color: Yellow-Green      
Current Status: International Flavor
Locations Available: Iceland

United Kingdom
South Africa

The Netherlands

Year(s) Available:

UK and Ireland 2010-present
Italy: 2012 - 2014

South Africa: 2015-present
Denmark: 2015-present

The Netherlands: 2015-present

Norway: 2016-present

Sweden: 2017-present

Switzerland: 2017-present

Iceland: 2017-present

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Mountain Dew Citrus Blast/Energy is the version of Mountain Dew found in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, The Netherlands, South Africa, Italy, Norway and Sweden. It's the same as the original Mountain Dew (EU Version), with only the name being different.


In the year 1996, Mountain Dew began marketing its products in the United Kingdom, but it ended within a 2 year time span due to bad sales.

It wasn't until June 2010 that the U.K. got its own exclusive version - Mountain Dew Energy. Energy has since spread to Ireland and Italy as well.

In 2014, the "Energy" wording was removed in the UK and Ireland, simply calling it "Mountain Dew" there.

It was later renamed to "Mountain Dew Citrus Blast" in 2015 and the drink was introduced in 330ml cans there. Citrus Blast is now being used for South Africa, The Netherlands and Denmark.

When Europe got the New Designs in 2017, Switzerland and Sweden, added Citrus Blast on the logo too.


Mountain Dew Citrus Blast uses the same formula of Mountain Dew that's used in the whole EU. It's similar to that of original Mountain Dew, and thus is similar in color and flavor to it. However, the formula is modified in order to follow the EU's strict regulations on what goes into products, including the use of natural sugars instead of high-fructose corn syrup (similar to Throwback).


  • This is only one of many attempts of a Mountain Dew energy drink (see "related flavors" in the infobox). This form of marketing was dropped in favor of it being sold as a soda, rather than an energy drink.
  • Although originally marketed as an Energy Drink, Mountain Dew Citrus Blast (previously Energy) is now sold as a regular soda, however some retailers still sell it as an energy drink.
  • Interestingly, Energy's bottles are not clear or tinted green like bottles found elsewhere in the world, but has a nearly opaque lime green coloring, similar to Adrenaline's opaque black bottles.