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Pitch Black
Pitch Black's 2011 label art.
Flavor: Black Grape
Color: Blackberry      
Locations Available:

United States
South Korea
New Zealand

Year(s) Available:

United States: 2004 & 2011
Canada: 2004
South Korea: 2006
New Zealand: 2011 - 2012
Malaysia: 2013 - Present
Philippines & Singapore: 2014 - Present

Current Status:

United States, Canada, South Korea & New Zealand: Discontinued
Malaysia, Singapore & Philippines: Current Flavor

Related Flavors: Pitch Black II, Grape, X-Treme, Darth Dew
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Pitch Black (known in South Korea as "Wild Black") was a Mountain Dew flavor that was first released on Halloween in 2004. In 2011, it returned to shelves as a part of the Back by Popular DEWmand promotion. Its U.S. and Canadian tagline was "DEW with a blast of Black Grape with other natural flavors" while its International tagline is "DEW with a punch of Grape Citrus flavour."


Pitch Black Bottle

Pitch Black's 2011 dome bottle design.

It was originally released as a Limited Edition flavor for Halloween in 2004, and was brought back with an added sour bite as Pitch Black II for Halloween in 2005. The original, non-sour Pitch Black was rereleased in 2006 as a limited edition slurpee form under the name "Mountain Dew Pitch Black Freeze", which was only available at participating 7-11 convenience stores. That same year, the original Pitch Black was released in South Korea under the name "Wild Black" and described as "A blast of Grape Flavor."

Six years later the original Pitch Black saw another limited return to shelves in 2011 as a part of the Back by Popular DEWmand promotion along with Supernova and Typhoon, which lasted until July 25th of that year. Pitch Black was also released in New Zealand in 2011, until it was replaced with Passionfruit Frenzy in late 2012. It was also released in Malaysia. It was also released in the Philippines in 2014 with LiveWire during the summer months as a permanent flavor. It was also the first time in the Philippines to release a different flavor. Pitch Black together with Live Wire were featured in DEWmocracy Singapore. It won and is now a permanent flavor.

Caffeine Free Pitch BlackEdit

Due to health restrictions in Canada which prohibits Caffeine in Mountain Dew, Pitch Black was released in 2004 for Halloween, however, it was released in caffeine-free only.


Pitch Black is a black grape flavored soda and is dark purple in color. By looking at the bottle with a little light around it, it looks black, hence its name.


  • Pitch Black is one of five grape flavored Mountain Dew variants. (See "Related Flavors" in the infobox)
  • Pitch Black was a permanent flavor in New Zealand until it was replaced with Passionfruit Frenzy. However, LiveWire and Code Red still remain. Voltage (which goes under the name "Electro Shock"), remained as a permanent flavor until 2014, when it was replaced by White Out.


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