Mountain Dew Red
100 0638
A 10 oz. bottle of Mountain Dew Red.
Flavor: Fruit
Color: Red      
Current Status: Discontinued
Locations Available: Regions of Alabama (United States)
Year(s) Available: 1988
Related Flavors: Sport, Dry Ginger, Golden Lime, Aurora
Similar Flavors: Code Red, Game Fuel (Citrus Cherry), Game Fuel (Wild Fruit)Typhoon, Solar Flare, Cherry Fusion, Kickstart (Fruit Punch), Kickstart (Black Cherry)Extreme Pomegranate
Related Promotions: N/A

Mountain Dew Red was the first flavor variant on the Mountain Dew line. Its tagline was "Fruit flavored Mountain Dew."


Released only in 1988, Mountain Dew Red saw a test release in regions of Alabama. During its one-year run, a zero-calorie variant of it was also released - Diet Mountain Dew Red. Both were discontinued that same year.


Because Red was around for such a short time, very little is known about it. It was described on the can as being "Fruit Flavored" and was red in color.


  • Due to Red being discontinued the same year it was created, it is hardly known of, and very rarely seen. The pictures on here could be the only ones taken.
  • Despite their similar names, Red and Code Red have different flavoring, and are not related.
  • In the popular musical "Be More Chill", Mountain Dew Red is the only thing able to disable the "SQUIP", a supercomputer chip inside someone's brain. (and normal mountain dew or "mountain dew green" activates them). However, in the book and non-musical stage play, Code Red deactivates ("dissolves") the SQUIP.


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