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Sangrita Blast
Dew Sangrita Ftn
Sangrita Blast cup design.


Sangria (Cherry & Pomegranate)
Color: Dark Red      
Current Status: Permanent Flavor
Locations Available: U.S. Taco Bell restaurants
Year(s) Available: December 2013 - Present
2015 (Bottles/Cans)
Related Flavors: Baja Blast
Mountain Dew A.M.
Game Fuel (Citrus Cherry)
Kickstart (Black Cherry)
Kickstart (Fruit Punch)
Extreme Pomegranate
Related Promotions: N/A

Sangrita Blast is a Mountain Dew flavor. Similar to Baja Blast, it is exclusively available at Taco Bell restaurants. Its standard Taco Bell tagline is "DEW with a Citrus Punch" while its store release tagline will be "DEW with a blast of natural and artificial citrus punch flavor."


Following the success of Baja Blast, Sangrita Blast was made available in Taco Bell beginning in late 2013 alongside 5 other drinks, one of which was Diet Baja Blast.

Store releaseEdit

In January 2015, information began leaking through the internet about a second store release of Baja Blast, accompanied by a store release of Sangrita Blast. It is currently unknown what the exact date is that it'll be released on.


Mountain Dew Sangrita Blast is a sangria flavored soda, and is dark red in color.


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