Spiked (Lemonade)
Dew Spkd Lemon 16
A 16 oz. can of Spiked (Lemonade).
Flavor: Lemonade
Color: Light Yellow      
Current Status: United States, Canada: Discontinued

Taco Bell restaurants in the United States: Current Flavor

Locations Available: United States
Year(s) Available: 2017 - 2018 (Store release)
2017 - Present (Taco Bell Restaurants in the United States)
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Spiked (Lemonade) Also known in Canada as Extra (Lemonade) was a Mountain Dew flavor. It was a non-alcoholic lemonade flavored soda described as being "Spiked" with thirst quenching prickly pear cactus juice. The flavor claims to have been created with "no artifical sweetners" and "real fruit juice". Similar to the Label and Kickstart flavors, it was available in 16 oz. cans. It could be found at participating Taco Bell restaurants​ replaced Sangrita Blast in the fountain form.


Mountain Dew Spiked was featured under two designs. One design features "Spiked" under the Mountain Dew logo which was used in the United States, while another design features "Extra" under the Mountain Dew logo which was used in Canada.

Spiked (Lemonade) was released along side Spiked (Raspberry Lemonade) in stores in 2017 in 16 oz. cans, along with fountain, and Freeze at the Taco Bell Restaurants in United States.

As of September 2017, Spiked (Lemonade) Freeze was later discontinued and then replaced by the Strawberry Poppin' Candy Freeze in Taco Bell.

As of late 2017, Spiked (Lemonade) became discontinued in the United States, and Canada due to low sales along with, Green Label and Spiked (Raspberry Lemonade) in the United States.

After the discontinuation of Spiked (Lemonade), and along with Spiked (Raspberry Lemonade) in 16 oz. cans, Spiked (Lemonade) is still available in the Taco Bell restaurant soda fountains in the United States.

Spiked (Raspberry Lemonade) was unfortunately not selling along side Spiked (Lemonade) at the Taco Bell restaurants in United States.


  • Spiked (Lemonade), and Spiked (Raspberry Lemonade) was originally called Mountain Dew Extra displayed on the two can designs shown in the gallery. It was most likely the prototype name of Spiked.