Thin Ice Freeze
Thin Ice Label Art 2013
Thin Ice Freeze's label art.
Flavor: Mixed Berry (Dragonfruit, Açaí, and Pomegranate)
Color: Light Blue      
Current Status: Discontinued Freeze/Slurpee Flavor
Locations Available: U.S. Convenience Stores
Year(s) Available: 2009 - 2016
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Thin Ice Freeze was a Mountain Dew Freeze Flavor that was originally exclusive to U.S. 7-Eleven stores. It has since become more widespread and was available in other U.S. Convenience Stores. Its tagline was "DEW infused with dragonfruit, acai, & pomegranate flavors". The proof of it being discontinued can be found here.


Mountain Dew Thin Ice Freeze was a mixed-berry flavored beverage, infused with Dragonfruit, Açaí, and Pomegranate flavors and was light blue in color.