• Klash.jpg 2007's Dew rumor, Mountain Dew Clash
  • 2005's Dew rumor, Mountain Dew ElectroCution
  • Nyan Dew.jpg 2011's Dew rumor, Nyan Mountain Dew
Did you know that several fictional Dews have been created? Let's find out about them.

Mountain Dew ElectroCution

Mountain Dew ElectroCution was a rumor that was made May 2003. The blogger said that it was "DEW with a shock of Grape flavor" on some occasions and "Mountain Dew fueled with a rush of wild berries" on other occasions. It was originally for the Easter 2004 season, but due to the success of Pitch Black, it was pushed to the Easter 2005 season. Easter 2005 went and unfortunatly, still no Electrocution. It was announced by the blogger that it was pushed to the Easter 2006 season. Eventually, it was revealed that the whole Electrocution story was invented by a blogger to drive traffic.

Mountain Dew Clash

In February 2007, a forum member on BevNet posted a rumor about a new beverage named Mountain Dew Clash. This was accompanied by some very poor quality (possibly Photoshopped)photos of the bottle. Per the posting, he wrote "I have a 2 sample bottles of what could be a new Mountain Dew line extension. It's called Mountain Dew Clash. I think it is supposed to be berry-flavored." Apparently, the beverage was provided as some type of test marketed, evidenced by the number affixed to the product sample, and may have been previously rumored under the names "Blue Surge" or "Phoenix". I've digitally-enhanced the photos for clarity. Later he posted an actual review, saying that it was not Mtn Dew tasting at all, rather tasting like either Pepsi Blue or Jones Pure Cane Blueberry soda. Since the original postings in February 2007, no new news has been reported about Mountain Dew Clash.

Nyan Mountain Dew

In September 2011, a DeviantART user posted an image of a fictional flavor of Mountain Dew. It was said to be berry poptart-flavored. It was called Nyan Dew after Nyan Cat, the internet meme which appeared on its advertisement sign. Unlike the other fictional Dews, Nyan Dew was not meant to be a hoax. The poster was also accompanied by a post (the following) "NYAN CAT Dew with the flavor of WILDBERRY POPTARTS!!! Nom Nom Nom SLURRRRRRP". Since then, no more posts have been posted about Nyan Dew-YET.