Fake Baja Blast

Mtn Dew Baja Blast in a bottle. Could this be made in the future?

In 2006, a fake image that was photoshopped was spread, and it was about Mtn Dew Baja Blast, alright. Not many people appeared to fall for this stunt, and no commercials were ever made about Baja Blast in a bottle.This was because the Baja Blast bottle looked rather fake, as the label can clearly be seen while the other art of the bottle is slightly blurred. Since then, people have made these bottles. Often, these are self-bottled by filling an empty Whiteout bottle with real Baja Blast and putting a fake label on it (the label was made by a deviantart user). However, in 2011, videos began spreading on the official Dew Labs site of people finding Baja Blast outside of Taco Bell. While this is uncomfirmed as of now, there is a chance that Baja Blast could hit stores in bottled form like the photoshopped bottle, only with the new 2009 Mtn Dew logo.