It's been 9 months, and still no Diet SuperNova. Lets take it this way, I still dislike both the 3 stooges and the annoying orange, but I'm still waiting for Diet SuperNova to hit stores as a permanent flavor. I bet its gonna hits stores in either at the end of this moth or, February, March, or April. Well, the designs have already been released, but they may only be a prototype design. I can't stand to believe that Diet SuperNova has still not hit stores as a permanent flavor. Maybe it was delayed by the now obsolete Double XP promo (which I don't like because it was so short). Anyway, I have not seen any news about Diet SuperNova yet and I am still awaiting a full-time return, just like what happened with Voltage and White Out when they returned to stores 4 months after wining the Dewmocracy campaign. I don't know what to tell, but I guess Diet SuperNova's gonna hit stores sooner or a little later.
Diet SuperNova

This is a pretty self explanatory.

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