We did it.

We all did it.

Pitch Black (atleast for the moment) is back in store shelves.

When I first began becoming involved in the DEW community, this is the one end objective I hoped to see come true.

Even though it is a bit unfair that Baja Blast has been in store shelves the past 2 years, and Pitch Black has had little to no time to make it's mark in today's society which will probably result in a Baja victory (stupid fucking society) its back, and ill spend hundreds to stock up on it if I need to lmao.

When I first started out on this community, it was a very good run. Despite the occasional trolls and being accused of being a troll (which is the dumbest thing ever) I enjoyed every last minute keeping the page up to date, helping the wiki stay clean, and making a further name for myself not only n here but in the community as a whole.

Alas, not all good things last forever.

Life started to become busier and busier and I found my time on here start to dwindle away.

Eventually I stopped going on here entirely, though I still stayed in the community outside of the wiki.

But the time has come.

I'm officially done.

I'm retiring.

Moving forward in life I want to focus more on my dreams of becoming a journalist and, with enough money from my PepsiCo job, might start my own sports radio show soon.

Hell, if I get lucky you sports mongers might see me on TV someday.

Though it may seem silly writing an full blown eulogy about something as insignificant as a wiki, I feel it needed to be done.

In honor of the friends ive made on here

And for those who continue to make ludicrous claims that i vandalized outside wikis (I still have no idea what exactly "Khan Academy" is or why i would vandalize it in the first place) but that's in the past and no more

I'd like to give special thanks to my fellow Pitch Black bro Dark Nazarath, MoarKrabs60 and especially Trainmaster718 for making my time on here the best it could've possibly been

Thank you all

It's been a pleasure

Long live Pitch Black and long live Mountain DEW!!!!

Goodbye. --Fear the dark side of the DEW 23:40, April 28, 2016 (UTC)