Unique Dew Finds

Since my obsession with DEW began, I have been lucky finding DEWs that are out of the ordinary.


Mountain Dew MDX- One of my weirder (and first) finds at a mini mart at a gas station in PA. The expiration date was around two years prior to the date I found it (8/8/06) The taste was alright, I guess.


A couple of years had gone by since that strange find at the gas station. I never thought that I would make a find like this ever again. Boy, was I WRONG when I came across...

Diet UltraViolet- This occured at a camp store in the campsite I was staying at. Although I didnt prefer the taste, It thrilled me to make that kind of find. I liked the bottle design more than I did the drink.

Revolution- Yes, REVOLUTION. In a VENDING MACHINE at the hotel we were staying at. This scared the ever-living out of me. I ended up finding TWO in that vending machine. And, I'll have to say, even though it was WAY outdated, It actually wasnt that bad.


Misprinted WhiteOut bottle- This was a thrill, too. Not too long ago, at a gas station in PA, I was looking through the soda in the fridge(which I ALWAYS do, ALWAYS. Its like a TRADITION) i noticed something weird. And thats when I saw it. It was Whiteout, alright. But in the Originals GREEN TINTED bottle. The second I saw this, BOOM!! Bought it. The liquid inside was Whiteout, but I was shocked at the bottle. I had never seen anything like this before.I decided to keep that bottle(duh), and that's when my bottle collection started.


Overall, I guess that I would consider myself lucky making those finds. And who knows, maybe I will find some other cool finds as I continue to go on vacations in the next couple of weeks. What have you guys found? Feel free to tell me in the comments below. I appreciate feedback, and I will update this page with any other finds (if I find them) ASAP.

P.S.- For those of you who dont believe me (so sad) I have a picture of the WhiteOut bottle that I have yet to upload. So blame my camera, OK? (stupid thing, I hate it!) And as for the others... well... I have no other proof, so your just gonna have to believe me, OK? Marauder55 (talk) 21:25, August 11, 2012 (UTC)

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