IDK if any of you have tryed this yet but my cousin showed me mixing 2 mtn dew flavors.

The flavors I reccomend mixing are.

White Out and Voltage-turns into a Revolution like color

White Out and Livewire-looks like a Orange Creamcycle (sorry if i did not spell that right)

White Out and Code Red-Pinkish Color

Code Red and Voltage-Turns Purple

The Flavors I dont reccomend mixing are.

Mtn Dew and Diet Mtn Dew-Taste weird

Mtn Dew and Baja Blast-Tryed it could only taste regular Dew

Flavors I have yet to mix are.

Voltage and Livewire

Code Red and Livewire

If i had some photos of mixed Dews id post them but sadly i do not.

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