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    DEWmocracy Tasting

    May 7, 2013 by MrSoda

    So it's spring/summer 2013 and DEWmocracy Canada is happening.  I was excited to see the commercial and know that Canada would be getting some new Dew flavours finally.  

    After drinking a few cases of the DEWmocracy 12 packs over the past little while I thought I'd jot down my opinions of the "new" flavours.  To be honest, I like them all, and wish all of them would become permanent--there's not a single flavour I WOULDN'T buy.  But, my opinions nonetheless are...


    This one is really obviously strawberry.  Afterwards I read that it's strawberry/melon/ginseng, but I'd still just call this a "strawberry flavour with some ginseng aftertaste".  It's really sweet, light, and refreshing.  The ginseng aftertaste is pleasant.


    To be hon…

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