So it's spring/summer 2013 and DEWmocracy Canada is happening.  I was excited to see the commercial and know that Canada would be getting some new Dew flavours finally.  

After drinking a few cases of the DEWmocracy 12 packs over the past little while I thought I'd jot down my opinions of the "new" flavours.  To be honest, I like them all, and wish all of them would become permanent--there's not a single flavour I WOULDN'T buy.  But, my opinions nonetheless are...


This one is really obviously strawberry.  Afterwards I read that it's strawberry/melon/ginseng, but I'd still just call this a "strawberry flavour with some ginseng aftertaste".  It's really sweet, light, and refreshing.  The ginseng aftertaste is pleasant.


To be honest, I thought this tasted really close to Supernova, only a bit lighter and raspberry instead of strawberry.  It still has the ginseng finish.  I like both flavours immensely as they are both very refreshing and different than anything else on the market right now.

White Out

I have no idea how to describe the flavour of this one.  It's very citrusy-tasting, like original Dew, only a bit lighter and slightly more tart, like lemonade.  Again it's very refreshing and light, with a clean, pure flavour with a sour kick.  I like it, but I don't think I'd drink it daily.

Code Red

This is the heaviest flavour--full-on cherry soda with that Dew undertone.  Compared to the other flavours it's thick and syrupy, but goes down smooth.  I don't think this is a particularly unique flavour at all--any other cherry soda tastes something like it.  We had it in Canada for a short time some years ago, so it makes me scratch my head as to why they're trying it again...

And my preferance goes (from best to worst):

Supernova, Voltage, White Out, Code Red.

Supernova is the most unique flavour, wonderfully sweet and with a punchy strawberry-ginseng flavour.  Voltage is quite similar, but the raspberry isn't quite as memorable; White Out is alright; Code Red is enjoyable, but fairly dull.  Unfortunately, I cannot see Supernova winning--seems like Voltage is winning the popular opinion!  

Like I said, ALL the flavours are good, so I'll be happy to have a new flavour of Dew regardless.  Now excuse me while I go down as many DEWmocracy cans as possible before they disappear from the shelves.

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