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  • PvtHudson

    • 736 - Tropical flavor, Golden color
    • 286 - Zesty Pineapple, Yellow color
    • 722 - Apple, similar to the Apple Mountain Dew offered at Villa Pizza, Green color
    • 648 - Watermelon, Red-Orange color

    Do you think I should make pages for these?

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  • PvtHudson

    Today, I will be taking a look at the rare Caffeine-Free Diet Mountain Dew, basically Diet Mountain Dew, but with no caffeine.

    When opening the cap, it smells alot like Regular Mountain Dew, especially with the citrus.

    The label says it all. It tastes extremely similar to Diet Mountain Dew and does not leave an aftertaste. However, no caffeine means it's missing the "kick" found in Caffeinated Mountain Dew.


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